Ford Mustang GT

Download mod, modification of data for grand theft auto san andreas. The cool vehicles, with this mod, it can be replace the usual car with this car.



- Custom LOD model, with parts & textures from Forza 4 & NFS Shift 2U
- 3D engine from NFS Shift 2U
- Slight reflection without ENB
- Replaces Buffalo (or any 2-door car)
- No damage parts, will be added later
- SA plates
- Added HQLM version
- CJ hands on steering wheels
- SA Style Lights (IVF v2.0.1)
- Supports IVF v2.0.1 (turn indicators, reverse lights, foglamps, daytime running lights)
- Supports Active Dashboard (working steering wheel)left mouse button, when you marked the place in the map

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